The Chance for Life Foundation was created by RedPeg Marketing CEO, Brad Nierenberg, in 2005 as an homage to his cancer-stricken goddaughter, Kennedy Snyder.  What began as a small get-together has emerged to be DC’s biggest and best charity poker tournament, with a foundation benefiting pediatric cancer research with Children’s National Health System and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The foundation has grown to support not only Kennedy, but many children battling every day that need every bit of this support.

A star-studded charity event, Chance for Life features a premium poker tournament, wine and chef’s tasting reception hosted by a local celebrity chef, and an after party that keeps everyone dancing late into the night. To date, Chance for Life has raised more than $2M for pediatric cancer research and will only continue to grow thanks to the generous support of the Washington D.C. community, sponsors, friends and family.

[Jeff Synder, Kennedy’s Dad and Kennedy
at the 2016 Chance For Life]




We believe that the most vulnerable and defenseless (children) should not have to battle for their life before it has even begun. They deserve a “chance for life.”


No organizational overhead costs. No general use funds. 100% of Chance for Life’s net proceeds directly benefit the life-saving efforts of Children’s National Health System and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation


See a profile of Kennedy Synder and learn about her inspirational story that served
as the foundation for the annual Chance For Life event.

Kennedy has always been a happy, social child. But, at the young age of just two years old, she was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor that spanned from C-2 to T-2. After a grueling 6-hour tumor resection surgery and an 18-month intensive chemotherapy protocol, it appeared that Kennedy was cancer free.

Just three short months later, the tumor returned back to its original size. Throughout the past eight years, Kennedy has gone through a number of chemotherapy protocols, countless holistic medicines and yet another tumor resection surgery. Unfortunately, the tumor still remains and has since spread through her central nervous system and into her brain.

Despite being dealt this terrible hand, Kennedy has maintained an incredibly positive and optimistic outlook on life. If it weren’t for the braces on her legs and the limp hand, no one would ever imagine that she has been battling cancer for most of her life. Her gift is her ability to inspire others with her “can do” attitude. Kennedy continues to make gains physically, however, her spinal cord tumor continues to grow. Support for research of spinal tumors is essential to finding a cure. It is a race against the clock, and every dollar counts.