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The best chefs for the best cause

Casey Patten

Grazie Grazie’s Casey Patten returns as our 2020 culinary chair

Grazie Grazie
Kris Carr Head Shot

Kris Carr

Chicken and Whiskey’s Kris Carr returns as our 2020 culinary chair

Chicken and Whiskey


Chance for Life Taste brings together the capital region's top chefs for an evening of savory tasting stations headed by renowned chefs and mixologists from the D.C.-area all to support funding for Pediatric cancer research.


In the morning:

Andrew Dana & Daniela Moreira Head Shot

Andrew Dana & Daniela Moreira

Mike Tabb & Alex Buc Head Shot

Mike Tabb & Alex Buc

Amir Mostafavi Head Shot

Amir Mostafavi


For Lunch:

Nick Wiseman, David Wiseman & Ronen Tenne

Sahil Rahman & Rahul Vinod Head Shot

Sahil Rahman & Rahul Vinod

Alex McCoy Head Shot

Alex McCoy

Will Sullivan Head Shot

Will Sullivan


The Evening Taste Experience:

Opie Crooks Head Shot

Opie Crooks

A Rake's Progress

Michael Friedman

Scott Drewno, Danny Lee and Angel Barreto Head Shot

Scott Drewno, Danny Lee and Angel Barreto

Gina Chersevani Head Shot

Gina Chersevani

Tiffany MacIsaac Head Shot

Tiffany MacIsaac

Buttercream Bakeshop
Haidar Karoum Head Shot

Haidar Karoum

Adam Greenberg

Katsuya Fukushima Head Shot

Katsuya Fukushima

Brad Deboy

Kevin Tien Head Shot

Kevin Tien

Kyle Bailey, Jeremy Carmen & Gavin Coleman

Danny Lee & Momma Lee Head Shot

Danny Lee & Momma Lee

Scott Drewno, Drew Kim & Danny Lee

Victor Albisu Head Shot

Victor Albisu


Special VIP Tastings Provided by:

Drew Adams Head Shot

Drew Adams

Todd Thrasher Head Shot

Todd Thrasher

Saran Kannasute Head Shot

Saran Kannasute


Late Night Food:

Vic Aulakh Head Shot

Vic Aulakh

Mike Tabb & Alex Buc Head Shot

Mike Tabb & Alex Buc

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