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Giving our children a “Chance for Life”

Thank you for your interest in giving all children a Chance for Life. We are proud to fund research that drives new, innovative treatments for Pediatric Cancers especially in the area of pediatric neuro-oncology. At this time, the CFL LOI process has closed and will reopen in September 2020 for project requests between $100,000 and $300,000.


Please review the following funding notes and complete the below LOI questions to be included in communications regarding this application process.


Key Funding Notes:
  1. Focused, outcome oriented and innovative pediatric cancer research initiatives will be prioritized.
  2. Preference will be given to projects focused in pediatric neuro-oncology.
  3. Funding will be allocated to research activities taking place in the United States of America.
  4. Chance for Life welcomes the opportunity to be the sole source of funding.
  5. CFL’s evaluation process of research initiatives encourages collaborative, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional efforts to achieve insight and innovation in the following areas:
    1. The basis of tumor initiation and progression,
    2. Novel therapeutic approaches
    3. Development of novel biomarkers or methodologies to predict disease progression, to enhance efforts in primary and secondary prevention and intervention
    4. Novel models that would enhance pre-clinical research,
    5. Development of more effective, less-invasive and/or less toxic treatments to improve long-term health and quality of life.


LOI Questions:

words. Please limit to 500 words or less.
(Download NIH standard biosketch format to complete)

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